PetPals come to Ashridge

The residents receive regular visits from Pet Pals, an organisation that specialise in bringing live animals into homes, schools and local organisations. Every month is a surprise as to what animal they will bring next, and this month Ashridge were lucky enough to have a visit from Tic-Tac a 2-year-old goat!

Tic-Tac and her handler Sarah visited all the residents in the lounge, and then went and visited residents individually in their rooms. Residents were able to pet Tic Tac and feed her if they were feeling brave.

Having live animals in the home always brings a smile to residents faces, and also gives them a chance to learn something new too. Handler Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of animals, and residents were free to ask all kinds of questions about Tic Tac.

Ashridge Court have received visits from PetPals for several years, and it’s always a joy to have them along!

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