Beach Day Extravaganza

On Friday August 25th the sun was shining, a perfect day for Barty’s Beach Day! No brollies were required as residents and staff enjoyed the beautiful British sunshine. The Activities team transformed the Summer House and gardens into a seaside retreat for the residents of Barty to enjoy for the afternoon. The day got off to a wonderful start, with a traditional fish and chips lunch, because when you’re by the seaside you can’t have anything else!

The soundtrack of the sea washing into the shore and seagulls flying overhead was played, while the residents took part in a sandcastle building competition, hoopla and hooking the ducks. Sun hats and knotted hankies were worn to shade from the suns rays as the afternoon continued with Punch and Judy and the arrival of Roy’s Ice Cream van pulling up into the car park to supply everyone with delicious ice creams!

The residents had a marvellous time and were thrilled to be outside taking a trip down Memory Lane enjoying all that a traditional day at the seaside has to offer.


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