Cartoonist visits Barty House

On June 28th Mark Thatcher a professional cartoonist was invited to come along to Barty House and create some amazing pictures of the residents.

There was an air of anticipation amongst the residents and staff alike as this particular activity was a first for Barty. Janet, one of the residents, took particular care in choosing her outfit for the event, and finished it off with a lavish sparkling necklace.

Mark Thatcher was extremely friendly and engaging, and the atmosphere was relaxed, with Mark being appropriately inquisitive to glean knowledge from the residents to portray in their personal images.

The afternoon was multi functional with other activities ongoing simultaneously, jam tart decorating and word search. These allowed Mark to work his magic one resident at time, while they were all engaged in something else.

Mark politely managed to take at least ten years off each of the residents, and beautifully captured the spirit of each of them. The drawings were given out in a presentation file and loved by everyone. It was also a first for Mark, working in a Nursing Home, he found the afternoon both rewarding and enjoyable, so this will definitely not be the last time Mark visits the home!

Discover more of Mark’s work on his website:


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