Ken’s Runner Beans

Barty House is set on beautiful grounds, residents regularly watch the rabbits going in and out of their holes, jumping around the little mounds in the garden. The garden is always open to the residents, and they can make it just how they want – which means if they want to grow something, the world is their oyster.

Resident Ken had his first garden in his final property, so gardening wasn’t something that he knew or had the chance to do. When Ken and his wife moved to their final house, which was a bungalow, he had a go at growing some runner beans – his favourite! So, when Ken became a resident at Barty House and the garden was open to whatever he wanted, runner beans was first on the list.

Ken has been nurturing the seeds from day one, taking great care to make sure no unwanted bugs got to them first. Finally, it was harvest day, and Ken took great pleasure in picking his very own runner beans. He handed them over to the chef, who rustled up a delicious lunch for Ken – you can’t beat home grown!

Becoming a resident at a care home doesn’t mean that hobbies and things that you enjoy should disappear, the team at Barty House make sure everything is possible.


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