Michael, 17 years of Barty Service!

Born 1948, and adopted by beloved parents, Michael enjoyed a happy childhood growing up in Maidstone. At 16 years old he left school to start his working life in WH Smiths and then the Gas Board.

His much-loved mother Amy, who was recently widowed had moved into Barty House due to failing health and Michael wanted to be close to her, so much so, he visited every single day! Eventually, Michael became a care assistant at Barty, working days and then nights. He then moved to working in the gardens and now is part of the kitchen team.

At Barty, Michael is known for his genuine kindness and concern that he shows to residents and staff alike. Whilst working at Barty he met and fell in love with another care worker Gill, marrying her in 2003 and gaining two stepchildren. Seven years later he then became a very proud and loving Grandad.

Gill and Michael have three rescue dogs that he walks twice a day. He absolutely loves all animals and is as kind to them as he is to people. Now that he is retiring he plans to walk his dogs and build a model railway, and hopefully still come into Barty to visit all the staff that have now become good friends.

From all the team at Barty, a big thank you to Michael for your love and dedication!

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