Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box Week, a time to start thinking about the best spot for your nest box to ensure it’s ready for Spring and the arrival of some feathered visitors!

So, at Barty House we decided to make our very own nest boxes, with the help of our very handy maintenance man, Tony. He had pre-made two complete boxes, and cut out and prepared the pieces for a few more to be built. It was then up to the residents to match up the pieces according to a handy how-to guide, and then get gluing and screwing the box together!

Meanwhile, a couple of residents were showing off their creative talents, painting the ready-made boxes, which are now brightly coloured and wouldn’t look out of place on a tree in the Caribbean. Let’s hope the resident garden birds don’t mind a brightly coloured home!

To finish a productive afternoon off, residents tested their knowledge with a flower quiz and bird word search during the afternoon.

Tony was brilliant, and residents are already looking forward to his next workshop!

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