Age can really be just a number!

We may think that reaching a certain age would mean that some activities are no longer possible, however with a bit of determination and bags of courage you can do anything! That was exactly the case for Barty House Nursing Home resident Dorothy, at 100 years of age there was one thing that she had wanted to do, but felt that it may not be achievable.

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Wild Science had it all!

June’s Activities programme kicked off with a visit from Wild Science, an organisation who specialise in animal therapy sessions for people of all ages. Animal therapy can bring calmness and relaxation, so the team at Barty were really looking forward to a visit from all the animals.

Amongst the animals, there was a colour changing tree frog and a slithering albino snake. As well as the much more popular cute and cuddly rabbits and guinea pigs, which everyone enjoyed!

Find out more about the Wild Science programme here:

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Barty House Wedding Exhibition – Bygone Love Affairs

As the month of May is historically the month that lovers tie the knot, the Activities Team at Barty thought it would be a good time of year to celebrate the marriages of the residents and staff. Throughout the month the programme reflected the theme of love stories and weddings, residents looked at Royal weddings which in itself was a great topic of conversation, studied amazing wedding facts and watched carefully chosen romantic classic films including Mrs Brown which was a great hit with the residents and Shakespeare in Love. For a craft related afternoon residents and staff made their own corsages from beautiful silk flowers.

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Barty House Wedding Exhibition

As May is the month traditionally associated with weddings, the Activities Team at Barty House in Maidstone have run the theme of weddings throughout the month’s programme.

We have taken the wedding pictures and love stories from our residents and staff, and mounted them together ready to display at our first Wedding Exhibition. We’ve had a wedding quiz and looked into amazing wedding facts, and even watched romantic films such as ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘Mrs Brown’. We’ve also made our own corsages to wear on the day of the exhibition. The residents learnt all about Royal weddings throughout the ages, and have found as many words as we could out of the words ‘wedding cake’  – the competition for the most words is still ongoing with a total of 73 currently.

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A Right Royal Puzzle

It has taken the residents a little over a month, with a great deal of help of from anyone passing through Barty House conservatory, but our Royal puzzle was finally completed. Sadly after all that effort and hard work the puzzle is now back in it’s box, and a new puzzle has taken pride of place in the conservatory.

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Maypole Dancers

The children from Hollingbourne Primary School visited Barty House on Wednesday 10th May to showcase their wonderful maypole dancing routine, much to the delight of the residents and staff.

The coloured ribbons weaved there way cleverly around the pole as the children danced in and out of one another excitedly.

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Barty Arms Public House

Saturday 13th May saw the opening of the ‘Barty Arms’ in the Willow Lounge at Barty House, Maidstone. Residents arrived in their droves to participate in traditional pub games such as cards, shut the box and dominoes, not withstanding the lure of the free bar.

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Blooming Beautiful

There is nothing that can compare with feeling soil between your fingertips and under your nails, not having a care for the mess but simply enjoying the moment whilst gardening. Again this year we have created our own glorious hanging baskets to adorn the walls of the residents’ Court Yard Garden, and once again they look blooming beautiful.

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A Purring Cat and a Comfy Armchair

When Nurse Paula arrives at Barty with her stunningly beautiful cat Ronnie, she knows exactly where to head for. The welcoming loving arms of Valerie who’s love of cats knows no boundaries.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, indeed this image shouts of two contented souls.

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Painted Women and Crowing Hens

On a dismal and dreary April day the ladies of Barty House were once again indulged with a Spa afternoon. On offer were manicures and nail polishes with a vast variety of colours to choose from. Notably Olive felt inspired to inform us all of her grandmother’s view on women who paint their nails:

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