Resident Olive turns 100!

If you speak to Olive about her life she always says the same thing. “Ive had a good life, a happy life I cant complain, I am a very lucky lady.” What a marvellous outlook one hundred years on, to have such positivity.

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Something old to Something new

The residents at Barty were crafty this week and busied themselves deconstructing jewellery and recycling it into little works of art. The old costume jewellery was taken apart and used to decorate little wooden trinket boxes, which the residents then personalised. Some of them were made especially to give away as gifts.

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Trish’s 90th Birthday Bash

Staff at Barty House always love to celebrate residents birthday’s, and there are always a few special ones – like the big 9-0!

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Beach Day Extravaganza

On Friday August 25th the sun was shining, a perfect day for Barty’s Beach Day! No brollies were required as residents and staff enjoyed the beautiful British sunshine. The Activities team transformed the Summer House and gardens into a seaside retreat for the residents of Barty to enjoy for the afternoon. The day got off to a wonderful start, with a traditional fish and chips lunch, because when you’re by the seaside you can’t have anything else!

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Energize Choir

Music filled the air at Barty House on Tuesday 15th August, as local community choir Energize joined the home for an afternoon of classic songs from the Beatles to Cliff Richard. The upbeat and vibrant atmosphere was contagious and the choir most certainly lived up to their well appointed name.

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Ken’s Runner Beans

Barty House is set on beautiful grounds, residents regularly watch the rabbits going in and out of their holes, jumping around the little mounds in the garden. The garden is always open to the residents, and they can make it just how they want – which means if they want to grow something, the world is their oyster.

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Cockney Event

The activities team at Barty House put together a celebration of Cockney Culture, with a proper knees up thrown in.

So what is Cockney rhyming slang? It is a humorous slang first used by cockneys in the east end of London and now understood widely in London and throughout Britain. It was invented in London in the 1840s by market traders, costermongers (sellers of fruit and vegetables from handcarts) and street hawkers. It was probably first used as a cant – a language designed to disguise what was being said from passers-by. Today, cockney rhyming slang phrases have entered the British lexicon, and many are still used in London and indeed all around Britain.

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Birds of Prey display

A wonderful afternoon with feathered friends!

Leeds Castle Falconry Team headed by Mark Brattle arrived at Barty House on Wednesday 12th July to both entertain and educate the team.

Residents watched the display close up and were in awe of the beautiful birds of prey, as were their families and staff. Mark gave an inspiring running commentary throughout the display that educated and enlightened everyone.

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Prima String Quartet

On Saturday the 8th July, Prima Quartet entertained residents, family and staff with a musical extravaganza at Barty House. Prima Quartet was put together two years ago by Verity, lead violinist and with all musicians 16 years old and under, the quartet is set for stardom.

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Cartoonist visits Barty House

On June 28th Mark Thatcher a professional cartoonist was invited to come along to Barty House and create some amazing pictures of the residents.

There was an air of anticipation amongst the residents and staff alike as this particular activity was a first for Barty. Janet, one of the residents, took particular care in choosing her outfit for the event, and finished it off with a lavish sparkling necklace.

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