Our Glorious Magnolia Tree and a Bench with a View

Springtime at Barty is annually announced with a spectacular show of blossom, courtesy of our beautiful Magnolia tree on the front lawn, providing a carpet of fallen blooms on the ground amongst the upright bright yellow daffodils.

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Celebrating Her Majesty’s Birthday

Bunting at the ready, Barty marked the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday by creating an image of her on a cup cake. Obviously why wouldn’t you? This was done under the experienced professional tutorage of Emma, a cake decorator with talents beyond most of ours. 

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Living Eggs and Knitted Chicks

Once again this year we took delivery of Living Eggs in their incubator at Barty House. Giving the residents their families and friends, and not to mention the staff, the opportunity to watch new life beginning and to nurture the chicks as they hatched.

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Red Nose Day Madness Barty Style

Barty’s Activities team rose to the challenge to join in with Care Homes across the nation on Red Nose Day and took part in the NAPA (National Activities Providers Association):
Sing-A-Song Intergenerational Challenge

So on March 24th at 3pm we all joined in singing the Carpenters Sing A Song tune, along with Care Homes Nationwide. Hopefully others were more in tune than the staff and residents at Barty!

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2nd Vinters Brownies presents: SHOWTIME at Barty House

On Friday 17th February the Vinters Brownies once again came to Barty House to spend an enjoyable afternoon with the residents. Bringing along with them beautiful handmade programmes for their well rehearsed Showtime event.

The programme included :

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Kitten Therapy

It is well documented the therapeutic benefits to be gained from owning a pet. As such Pet Therapy is now utilised throughout many health and care settings.

Here at Barty we have many opportunities throughout the year for our residents to get the rush of love uniquely derived from small animals.

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Cinderella it’s Panto Time at Barty! “Oh no it isn’t” …

The new year got off to a raucous start with the arrival of Tickled PinkProductions at Barty. The residents laughed, shouted and heckled their way through the afternoon’s production of Cinderella.

The show though classic in its portrayal of the well loved fairytale, contained songs we all knew and loved to sing a long with and a humorous adult undertone to be picked up by the quick witted amongst us.

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Scrabble Champion Challenge

Nora our current reigning Scrabble Champion displays her trophy with discretion and can be heard playing down her mastery of the art of Scrabble playing. However the word is out, and the residents and staff at Barty are keen to challenge her position. Laura from Activities even came in on her annual leave to pit her wit against Nora.

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A Centenary Year for Dotty

Wednesday 28th December was a remarkable day at Barty, as our dear sweet Dorothy chalked up her hundredth year. And what a fuss we made of her!

The Queen’s card arrived with royal best wishes, as did literally hundreds of others from all of us who know and love her. The Nursing Home took on the appearance of a florists, as the flowers flooded in.

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Christmas Party Barty Style

This years Activities Program for the residents families and friends of Barty House was jam packed with festive events, making for a truly memorable experience for all.

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