Resident Olive turns 100!

If you speak to Olive about her life she always says the same thing. “Ive had a good life, a happy life I cant complain, I am a very lucky lady.” What a marvellous outlook one hundred years on, to have such positivity.

Olive was born in London on the 9th September 1917 and she has seen the world change a great deal since then. As a child she loved to climb and admits to being a bit of a handful. Spending a fair amount of time outside the Headmistresses office, one trick with her friends was to lock girls into the toilet so that they had to climb over the top to get out.

As you can see from the photographs of her 100th Birthday celebrations at Barty House she still retains that sense of fun, though she no longer locks people in the loo, thankfully!


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