A Tribute to Elvis and a Tribute to Brenda

Brenda strikes again doing frankly what only Brenda can.

Brenda has worked for Barty House Nursing Home helping in almost every department since June 2004, having spent 33 years working for the London Borough of Hackney as a Rehabilitation Care Worker. Brenda then retired (for the first time) early at a mere 57 years old due to a knee operation. Moving to Kent and becoming bored she came to work at Barty House, retiring for the second time two years ago. Brenda however, transferred straight onto bank staff and has worked at the home ever since on a part time basis. Age 73 years young Brenda shows no sign of slowing down!

One thing the staff know, if you give Brenda a microphone, you will have to battle to get it back again. This week at Barty, she was asked to bring in her karaoke machine, but Brenda went one step further and arrived in Willow Lounge as Elvis Presley, looking and sounding the part. Everyone’s jaws were aching from laughing and smiling at her tribute to Elvis. Kate said she hadn’t laughed so much in years!

Jude, Head of Activities said “Resident Rosina laughed so hard I feared she might do herself an injury, and she sustained her “belly laughing” for an entire hour. Periodically wiping away her tears of joy with a damp tissue.”

Later in the afternoon, Rosina flung her arms around Brenda with real tears of emotion and thanked her for making her laugh longer and louder than she could ever remember doing in her life before!

Brenda clearly likes to keep busy, as if her eight children, 29 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren were not enough!

Jude concludes “The woman is a legend in her own lifetime, we applaud you Brenda long may you continue with your magic touch. Brenda is without doubt a force of nature with talents beyond compare.”

“They don’t make them like they used to”

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