Trip down memory lane…

On the 19th June, Barty House resident Olive, took a trip down memory lane and went to visit Hollingbourne Primary School.

For the duration of her working life, Olive had been a school teacher working in Tottenham, London. She had a small break to have her two daughters and then had a list of things to go off and do with her life once they started school themselves. Except the day after her last child went to school Olive got a telephone call asking her if she would like to come back to work, and she just couldn’t turn it down.

Olive visited four classes at Hollingbourne where the children were eagerly waiting with lots of questions for her! Olive had all the answers and even sang a little song that she remembered singing to her own class. It was a wonderful experience for both Olive and the children, both learning from each other.

How things have changed:

  • All the children were wearing school uniform, in Olive’s day they didn’t start wearing uniform until secondary school.
  • Today only the youngest children are given milk in cartons with straws, when Olive was a teacher all the children had milk served in little glass bottles.
  • Hollingbourne had an average of thirty children in each class, whereas Olive would have forty to fifty children.
  • Nowadays the school takes the children out on trips and for weekend’s away, Olive can not remember ever taking the children out of school.
  • In every classroom there is a blackboard, Olive recalled that pupils had their own little boards that they would write on with chalk.
  • The children had play dough and plasticine, Olive had never seen the play dough but noted that the plasticine smelt exactly as she had remembered it.
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