Lasting Friendships

When residents join a care home, they join a community. Whether they have a big family or may not have any close relatives, they are sure to gain many friends and create long lasting relationships within the care home. Residents will spend every day with each other, learning new things, enjoying day trips out to the local area and sharing a meal at the end of the day – just like a family.

Roy has been at Cedars for nearly a year, and when Bryn joined in the summer they instantly formed a lasting bond. With their shared interest of trains and history, they are always chatting away, just like two good friends that have known each other for years. With their enthusiasm, the activities team at the home are setting up a Men’s Club.

From darts, chess and poker nights which will all be shared over a pint of course, will be another great opportunity for the men of the home to get together. However, their first project based on Rob and Bryn’s love of trains, will be to create a Dinorma Model Train set, built entirely from scratch. So, keep an eye out on the Cedar’s facebook page for all the latest updates to see how they get on!

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