Ladder to The Moon

The Heathlands staff & residents have joined a Ladder to The Moon course for a year.

We get boxes each month with different equipment and materials that can be used creatively for the benefit of our residents.

For example, we recently had a “Rebel Box” that had sleeve tattoos in it, which they could wear and T-shirts that they could write their own slogans on. The results were both creative and inspiring.

Ladder to The Moon brings creative attitudes and culture to the heart of the CQC requirements for outstanding services. We recently entered the Ladder to The Moon competition for the most creative solutions to the activity box contents and are looking forward to getting the results.

This programme will equip our activity staff to become key-drivers for a creative culture in the care service and a catalyst for positive change at Heathlands. We won a ‘Highly Commended’ for our evidence of outstanding activities competition for our Ladder to the Moon initiative in autumn 2016.

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