Nutrition and Hydration Week (w/c 12th March)

Nutrition and Hydration week is a UK initiative to promote healthy living and highlight improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally.

So, to celebrate his annual event, the Activities Team planned a delicious and fun packed week of food and drink orientated activities and events. Residents enjoyed Melon Monday, where they sampled a selection of juicy melons to taste. Tuesday was Hot Chocolate and Milkshake Afternoon, which was a great opportunity for everyone to try new flavours. One resident remarked that they had never tried a milkshake before, and thoroughly enjoyed tasting a strawberry milkshake for the first time.

Wednesday was a fun morning of Food Anagrams, followed by a Food Tasting Afternoon, which everyone got involved with! Residents, relatives and friends sampled a large variety of foods including quiche, pork pies, cheeses and breads. This grand open event was followed up by Thirsty Thursday and Fruity Friday. A fantastic food extravaganza that the residents thoroughly relished.

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