Hop Farm visit

On 25th Sept, residents from Tunbridge Wells boarded the minibus for a morning trip to The Hop Farm in Paddock Wood.

At Tunbridge Wells Care Centre the staff request all residents to pick one thing that they would like to do as their one wish, whether that is spending a day in a red dress or pull a pint at the local pub, residents can choose anything! So, the trip to the Hop Farm was extra special for resident Mary, her wish was to spend time with horses. Mary has a deep passion for all animals, and her bedroom is full of fluffy toys, but she has a real soft spot for horses.

Luckily, at the Hop Farm, Mary was able to spend some lovely time with beautiful shire horses and ponies, much to her delight! Residents and staff enjoyed seeing the an array of other animals on the day, including Llamas, pigs and chickens. Everyone finished off the morning with a well-deserved coffee and cake in the on-site restaurant.

See all the photos from the day on Tunbridge Wells facebook page.

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