We Care

Our staff and management see and present themselves as extended families to our residents – the residents in turn value and appreciate this informal, but professional style of care provision. As friends and family, rather than ‘clients, patients or customers’ the day to day activities and delivery of care services are provided within a mutual environment of trust, compassion and respect.

This ethos is only possible because each individual is just that – an individual with needs, likes and even dislikes. From the initial development of a personalised care plan through to the assignment of a named carer, each new resident is treated as an individual. As individual’s our residents retain their identity, their history, memories and dignity, because We Care, we make our home their home. Because We Care, we want our family to be happy and when we smile they smile. As a family we make time for each other, to facilitate this our staff to resident ratio and quality of trained staff are such that we take our time to care, to share a cup of tea or to lend a sympathetic shoulder.

Because We Care we encourage and support our residents to live and enjoy life to the full.
Because We Care we treat our residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. As active and inquisitive individuals we actively encourage our residents to live a little.
Because We Care – they care. Residents and their families recognise and respect the levels of services that each home offers and justify the premiums paid.
We Care encapsulates everything that Canford Healthcare stands for.

It underpins our services and our products and why we are here.
It explains why we make that little extra effort and why our residents are so happy.
That’s why We Care