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Visiting the home

Visits during lockdown – 5 Nov 2020

Visiting arrangements during the national lockdown – 5 November 2020

We are pleased to announce that our home will remain open to visitors during the month-long national lockdown that begins today. We are especially relieved because it means that our residents can continue to benefit from the mental wellbeing that face-to-face visits with their loved ones indisputably bring.

One designated visitor can come to the home to see their relative on an appointment-only basis wearing full PPE and observing social distancing. We have ample supplies of PPE and will continue to apply our strict hygiene protocols to any visiting area before and after each visit.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the over 85s are still at most risk from the virus. We must remain vigilant, but the valuable help and understanding of our residents’ families, together with the diligence of our staff, has enabled us to manage our Covid-secure visiting arrangements successfully for some time.

Between visits we will continue to support virtual video calling to help residents stay in touch with relatives who are not named as designated visitors. We are already harnessing the power of technology – in both IT and advances in medical science – to ensure that our residents can safely see their loved ones, either in person or virtually, because we know that this offers them many life-enhancing benefits.

If government guidelines change at any time we will be in contact with relatives and post updated information on our website.


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