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Covid-19 – new visiting arrangements (1 February 2022)

The government has lifted restrictions on care home visits and, as of Monday 31 January, there are no limits on how often families can visit their loved ones.

Because the Omicron variant is still circulating throughout the community, we must remain vigilant to minimise the risk of infection within the home. So, to keep our residents, staff and visitors safe, we are asking visitors to take the following steps, which have been set out in the government’s updated guidance on care home visiting:

  • Call the home in advance to book your visit. Having a booking system helps us to manage safely the number of visitors in the home at any one time and facilitates thorough sanitising of the visiting areas.
  • Show evidence, on arrival, of a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) which has been done on the day of your visit. This applies to each visitor.
  • Wear a face mask (covering your mouth, nose and chin) throughout the visit.
  • Wash your hands (using the visitors’ bathroom in reception) before and after visiting.
  • Do not visit the home if you feel unwell, even if you have tested negative for Covid-19. There are plenty of other infectious illnesses circulating in the community (such as flu or norovirus) that could pose a risk to residents.

If you take your relative out of the home they will no longer need to test or self-isolate. The government guidance suggests that anyone who comes into contact with your relative as part of an indoor visit should receive a negative LFT result on the day of the visit and report this to the home. Please also limit close contact, keep the area well ventilated and follow good hand hygiene while your loved one is away from the care home.

Staff will continue to test three times a week, in addition to the usual weekly PCR test, while testing for residents will revert from weekly to monthly.

Between visits, we will continue to support virtual video calling to help residents stay in touch with relatives who, for reasons of their own, are not able to visit.

If there is a significant peak in the local Covid-19 infection rate or if there are cases among residents and staff, we may have to close the home again to visitors and new admissions, unless you are an essential caregiver or your loved one is at end of life. We very much hope that this does not happen and look forward to seeing you at the home very soon.

If government guidelines change at any time, we will be in contact with you and post updated information on our website. In the meantime, please call the home if you have any questions or concerns about the care and wellbeing of your relative or would like to book a video call.


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