Rongia Joby, deputy manager Heathlands Care Home

We’re delighted to welcome Rongia Roby as our new deputy manager here at Heathlands.

Rongia is a very experienced hospital and care home nurse, with 25 years under her belt. She initially trained as a nurse in Kerala, Southern India, where she grew up with her parents and two older brothers. She spent some time working in hospitals there before coming to the UK, where she requalified in Leeds to enable her to work as a nurse here.

For Rongia there was never any other career but nursing. Even as a child she always had a passion to be a nurse. “I always wanted to care for people who need help and support. I love working with vulnerable people and making a difference to them,” she says.

Before coming to Heathlands she worked at a nursing home in South Kensington, in a role that she really enjoyed.

Rongia is determined that she will make a positive difference to residents and their relatives, and is working alongside registered manager Gladys Danquah to ensure this. She’s also keen to support and mentor staff so that they are completely confident about their role and how it impacts on residents and their colleagues.

“How people work as a team is so important to the quality of the care that’s provided and the atmosphere in the home,” she says. “There are also real benefits for residents. Together we can make the difference.”

Away from work Rongia spends time with her husband and 16-year-old son. Her main hobbies are cooking, shopping and travelling, especially to India where she visits her parents, who still run the family business in Kerala, and one of her brothers. Her other brother lives in the UK and both are accountants!