Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our company vision is to ensure that Canford Healthcare delivers outstanding care to our residents at all times, and that we are also an employer of choice in the geographical areas in which we operate. Our focus on employing truly excellent people, providing outstanding service and achieving solid profit will drive successful business growth, expanding our care home portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Our Values

Strong and consistent relationships between employees, built on our core values of CareFamilyHonesty and Commitment, as well as trust, mutual respect and dignity, have been fundamental to our success so far. We strongly believe that all these will continue to underpin our operations, delivering excellent performance well into the 2020s – and beyond.


We are committed to offering attentive, person-led care with kindness and compassion, rather than simply going through the motions and performing tasks mechanically out of a sense of duty. We want our residents to feel safe, respected and comfortable at all times, and also ensure that they maintain their sense of dignity throughout. When going about our daily duties, it is engrained in all of us to ask ourselves the all-important questions: “Would I feel comfortable receiving care in this way? How would I want my mum/dad/gran treated in this situation?” And, if something is wrong, getting it dealt with promptly.

We use our company values and Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) to ensure excellence and consistency across the organisation, tailoring locally where required.

The KLOEs and the Canford Healthcare vision and values are regularly aired via the various communication channels to check people’s understanding and observance.

KLOEs cover the five key areas that CQC and other regulatory bodies routinely check during an inspection:
• Are your services safe?
• Are they effective?
• Are they caring?
• Are they responsive to people’s needs?
• Are they well-led?


Building strong and successful relationships is as vital for creating a happy and comfortable environment as it is for ensuring the smooth running of both our homes and the company overall. Within each home (and beyond) we care for each other, consistently offering support, tolerance and warmth. We embrace each resident, their family, our colleagues or local community contacts as part of our own Canford Healthcare family. This means ensuring that everyone is included, feeling reassured and comfortable in every situation.


It may not always be the easiest option, but we firmly believe in treating residents, staff, suppliers and our local community fairly and doing ‘the right thing’ at all times. We encourage every member of staff to be above reproach, speaking and behaving in a way that is always transparent and compassionate. For us, facilitating open dialogue and the sharing of stories and anecdotes empowers everyone within our ‘family’ to communicate with courage and honesty.


We are committed to offering a safe, reassuring environment for all. We are also dedicated and passionate in our daily interactions with residents, their families, our staff and the local community. We take pride in consistently going above and beyond what is ordinary, delivering exceptional and individual care and supporting our residents’ family and friends. For us, it’s about delivering on the promise that we make to each and every one of our residents and to everyone else with whom we come in contact – all day and every day.

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