Care assistants provide the highest possible standard of care and service to all the residents, whether working individually or as part of a team.

Reporting to: Senior Care Assistant

What does the role involve?

The working life of a care assistant requires a blend of compassion, responsibility and dedication. As the day begins, he or she listens attentively to the nurses’ handover, gaining vital information about the residents’ conditions and needs. Armed with their hand-held device (for recording care at the point of delivery), equipment and trolley, they embark on their essential duties.

The first task is to help residents get washed and dressed, something that requires patience and gentleness. If a resident isn’t feeling well, a warm cup of tea and some time in bed may be what is initially required, with a promise to return later.

Throughout the day the care assistant works with colleagues to support residents with their meals and snacks as well as the home’s twice-daily activities. There are also practical tasks such as making beds, regularly checking on resident throughout the day and night (depending on the shift pattern) and promptly responding to their need for help. In emergencies, they take quick action, summoning colleagues or medical professionals, as necessary.

The care assistant meticulously follows care plans, under the manager’s direction, and contributes to their ongoing development, ensuring that residents and their representatives are involved in the process.

Care assistants also provide plenty of emotional support and morale boosting, especially when giving palliative and end-of-life care. They maintain open lines of communication with families, reporting changes to their loved one’s health or emotional wellbeing. Many of our care assistants agree that the moments of connection are what makes the job truly rewarding, especially when a resident says “I’m so glad you’re here”.

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