As a member of the home’s management team, the deputy manager plays an important part in providing the highest possible standards of care and service to residents. He/she also takes overall responsibility for managing the home in the absence of the home manager.

Reporting to: Home Manager

What does the role involve?

The deputy manager works with the home manager and individual heads of department to oversee daily operations and facilitate the smooth running of the home. He or she takes responsibility for managing the home in the absence of the home manager. The role’s primary aim is to facilitate the wellbeing and comfort of the residents, supporting staff to provide exceptional person-centred care.

The deputy manager’s duties are many and varied. These include dealing with the accurate documentation of risk assessments and accidents/incidents, ensuring that nurses conduct regular audits, clinical areas such as wound management, the safe administration and storage of drugs and treatments, participating in recruitment, evaluating care plans, addressing complaints and conducting pre-admission assessments.

Transitioning into a care home can be a challenge for residents and their families, so the deputy manager helps to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Part of this is around gaining enough knowledge about each resident (including likes, dislikes, favourite pastimes) so the home can deliver the best possible person-centred care. It’s also important to support residents to achieve their optimum level of independence.

Supporting and managing staff is another key aspect of the deputy manager’s role. He or she conducts regular appraisals and supervisions, manages staff schedules and takes the lead in ensuring the appropriate induction and training for maintaining an expert, well-functioning and motivated team.

The deputy manager is also required to stay connected with the residents and staff, spending at least half of the working day on the floor and providing hands-on leadership.

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