The head of housekeeping is responsible for the daily supervision of domestic and laundry staff to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness around the home and a first-class service from the laundry to the home and residents.

Reporting to: Home Manager

What does the role involve?

The head of housekeeping and his or her team of domestic assistants (also known as housekeepers) are responsible for ensuring that the care home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Their work plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the home and the safety of residents. There are exacting standards in place and so every space must be fresh, clean, dry and infection free. The team is also responsible for taking care of the home’s laundry – bedding, towels, tablecloths – as well as residents’ own clothes.

The head of housekeeping oversees the daily work of the domestic assistants to ensure that work is completed each day and to a high standard. He or she also keeps a close eye on the condition of the equipment, linen and bedding used in the domestic and laundry functions, managing stocks of cleaning and other materials as well as residents’ clothing, consulting with the home manager on repairs of equipment and replacement of supplies.

Another important aspect of the role is to ensure that spare rooms are always prepared and ready for show arounds and the prompt admission of new residents. This involves meticulous attention to detail and maintaining a high standard of presentation to create a positive impression for prospective residents and their families.

The role involves a great deal more than overseeing the cleaning and laundry routines. As a head of department, the job holder also plans rotas for the team, conducts regular supervision and appraisals with individual members of the team and actively supports their training and development.

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