The senior care assistant provides the highest possible standards of care and service to all residents, in addition to performing a supervisory role. He or she takes charge of a shift of carers and is also responsible for the smooth running of the service while on duty. Senior care assistants respond to emergencies, providing guidance and support to care assistants under the supervision of qualified nursing staff.

Reporting to: RGN/RMN in charge of shift/unit

What does the role involve?

The senior care assistant provides a high level of person-centred care to residents and support to the home management team by being responsible for the smooth running of the shift while on duty.

The senior care assistant organises the care staff for the shift, based on their knowledge of the residents and staff members’ individual levels and abilities.

Close collaboration with colleagues is key as the senior care assistant works with the care team to help residents with tasks such as bathing, eating or getting dressed, showing empathy and respect for their needs. He or she also works with the care assistants to change/make beds and help, both at mealtimes and during the home’s twice-daily social and therapeutic activities. Although it’s a very active role, there are plenty of moments to connect with residents on a personal level, via a friendly chat over a cup of tea or a hand massage, and such interactions add warmth and companionship to the residents’ lives.

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on residents’ health, promptly reporting any changes or concerns to the management team and summoning help in an emergency. Because of their close observation of residents, senior care assistants play a crucial role in reviewing and updating care plans, incorporating input from residents and their families – a good opportunity to foster positive relationships with all involved.

The senior care assistant is also a valued mentor and guide to junior staff. They provide training, supervision and support in all aspects of the work to ensure that the team works harmoniously and effectively.

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