COVID-19 Coronavirus: advice and guidance


Visiting the home

Visiting and taking residents out of the home

Under recently published new government guidance each resident can nominate five named relatives or friends to visit them regularly. Two can visit at the same time with a maximum of two people visiting per day.

Our testing and hygiene protocols remain the same, and each visitor must undergo a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) beforehand. Depending on the policy at the home, we will supply testing kits for them to perform this at their own home before each visit (referring to the government’s instructions if necessary) or we will support them to do the test on arrival at the home. In this case, they will need to allow more time to do the test and await the result. If they test positive we will administer the government’s PCR test and ask them to go home and self-isolate, pending the result. All visitors must also continue to wear PPE.

Residents may now also leave the care home to spend time outdoors on their own, with care home staff or one or more of their five nominated visitors (or an essential care provider) without having to isolate for 14 days when they return – but only under the following circumstances:

  • All visits are at the discretion of the Home Manager after a dynamic risk assessment.
  • Trips out should be discussed with the care home team and arranged in advance.
  • Visits should take place outdoors only, except for the use of toilet facilities or other purposes set out in the guidance. Residents will need to isolate after overnight stays in private houses.
  • Visitors must wear PPE even out in the open air, keeping physical contact to a minimum.
  • Visitors must undertake the LFT on arrival and the result must be negative for the visit to proceed.
  • Residents will be tested before and after trips out.

For all future updates, please check the government guidelines.


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