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Your Covid-19 Pass (17 November 2021)

As winter approaches, we must all be very vigilant to ensure that our homes remain as free as possible of both Covid-19 and the flu. Our residents and staff have been double vaccinated and are in the process of receiving their Covid-19 boosters and flu vaccinations.

Given the rising number of Covid cases in the UK, we are increasingly checking the vaccination status (or proof of medical exemption) of professional visitors, contractors and those who come to our home to provide services – hairdressers, chiropodists and entertainers, for example – by asking them to show their NHS Covid-19 Pass on arrival. The same applies to potential residents and their families who come to look around the home.

According to government guidance, the Covid-19 Pass is the only acceptable evidence of  vaccination. It can be accessed via the NHS app or the NHS website, while a Covid-19 Pass letter can be obtained from their GP. The NHS App records when someone receives both doses of the vaccine and automatically creates a ‘vaccine passport’. Please note that the NHS vaccination appointment card does not constitute acceptable proof of double vaccination.

Before you come to the home can you please ensure that you have your Covid-19 pass (or medical exemption) ready in case staff ask to see it. We have had instances of having to help people download the NHS app and access their Covid-19 Pass in our reception area, substantially delaying their visit or show-around and tying up valuable staff time.

If you don’t already have the NHS App, you can download this now from the Google Play store or Apple iStore on your smart phone or tablet. To find more information about the NHS App click here. To find your Covid Pass on your NHS app:

Go to the NHS app and log in.
Click ‘Get Your NHS COVID Pass’ and press the green ‘Continue’ button. Click on ‘Travel’
Click on ‘Download PDF’ copy
Check in your documents/files folder on your phone. The pass, which looks like this, can be found there.

You can also receive a copy by email if you click on the Receive an offline copy by email’ button. If you cannot download the app, or if you prefer, you can request a Covid-19 pass letter from your GP.


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