Live music from Rick!

Every month residents receive a visit from solo artist Rick Bonner, who is a firm favourite with everyone. Rick takes his time engaging with every resident and is sure to take any requests!

Singing classic songs from the 1950’s all the way up to 2017, Rick gets everyone’s toes tapping and makes sure everyone joins in on the singing.

A wonderful afternoon had by all!


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Green fingers!

Many of the Pentlow residents enjoyed gardening in their spare time before coming to stay at Pentlow, so to ensure that hobby is not lost, the team always encourage residents to get out in the garden and help out where they can.

This week, residents have been planting marigold flowers into small plant pots, ready for the garden. They’ve been enjoying getting their hands in the dirt, and experiencing a feel of gardening once again.

We will be keeping an eye on the progress of all the plants the residents have planted, so follow us on facebook to keep track of the marigolds!

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Care Home Open Day 2017

To mark National Care Home Open Day on Friday 16th June, Canford Healthcare Homes across the country opened their doors to the public, with Pentlow Nursing Home putting on an afternoon of live entertainment with tea and cakes a plenty.

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YMCA Visit

Every week Pentlow receive a visit from the YMCA on a Tuesday afternoon and provides residents with gentle exercise/activities. The local YMCA group aims to promote social interaction as well as maintaining each residents mobility, co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

To add a little healthy competition to the mix, after the games, points are added up and the winner keeps a trophy for a week. This week Joyce White won the cup and she was overjoyed!

Another great motivational activity that brings all Pentlow residents together.

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Coffee Morning

The activities team at Pentlow have signed up to the Ladder to the Moon programme, and every month they receive a mystery box with items to inspire them for the next activity.

At the beginning of June, the box contained aromatic Costa Rican coffee, and the challenge was to come up with an activity around this.

So amongst all the residents, a coffee morning was decided! This gave everyone a chance to make their own coffee including grinding the beans, which of course made it taste that much better. To top the morning off, coffee cake was served to complement the smooth, aromatic refreshment.

It’s safe to say, this won’t be the last coffee morning at Pentlow!

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Bexhill Road Trip

Every Monday afternoon & Thursday the team at Pentlow go out and about in the local area, making the most of the Pentlow mini-bus. However this time, it was up to the residents to decide on where to go, so they decided we would head off to Bexhill!

The team parked up at the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful views of Bexhill, we were even in sight of Hastings and the train tracks. Michael one of the residents, was reminiscing about times spend in the old town of Hastings.

Unfortunately it was a little windy to get off the bus, but that didn’t stop everyone from having an ice-cream, because when you’re by the seaside it’s rude not to!

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Quack Quack!

Every month at Pentlow, the residents receive a visit from Pet Pals, Sarah the coordinator for the day brought along a variety of different animals for our residents to hold, pat or stroke.

This month we had Ducklings, they were very cute and very noisy! It was an enjoyable experience for everyone and enables the residents to have close contact with animals.

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Wish Tower

Residents at Pentlow Nursing Home visited the Wish Tower in Eastbourne, built in the early 1800s, the tower was there to defend against invasion by Napoleon. The residents were able to enjoy a bit of history as well as the fantastic views across the seafront, on what was a beautifully sunny day.

Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous views, with a visit to the Western view café as well to indulge in tea, coffee and of course a slice of cake! The residents also left with a huge confidence boost, as this day trip gave them the opportunity to catch up with the locals, giving them a real sense of independence. Visits to the seafront are definitely high on the list for the next day out!

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A field of Bluebells!

Residents at Pentlow went on a trip to the Arlington Bluebell and Farm Trial, which since 1972 has developed into seven interesting walks over three working farms. One of the main woodland walks takes you past a beautiful field of bluebells, which everyone enjoyed. As part of the Farm Trial the site also offers animal pens which had sheep, lambs, pigs and chicks!

The trip bought back some fond memories for the residents, with Vera reminiscing about a visit to the bluebells around 16 years ago. She remembers trying to reach for a bulrush for her grandson, but unfortunately lost her footing and fell straight into the pond! It’s safe to say. everyone enjoyed the story.

All residents thoroughly enjoyed being out in the glorious sunshine, and all left in high spirits & will return soon!

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Movie Star Photo Exhibition

Pentlow Nursing Home in Eastbourne recently hosted a Photo Exhibition full of photos which they took and modeled in. Some of the residents dressed up as famous movie stars, and they handmade invitations for friends and family to come to the exhibition so they could view the photographs.

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